Water is Life

Access to safe and clean water is a challenge for schools in Uganda.

Especially in the rural areas, children walk long distances to fetch water which is not always safe for them to drink.

The lack of clean water sources and poor sanitation conditions also lead to water-borne illnesses that result in low school attendance and falling behind in their classes.

The Clean Water Project in Bugiri District

Nakavule is located in Bugiri District, one of the nine districts in Uganda’s Eastern region. Only 37% of rural communities in Bugiri have access to a safe water supply. Many communities use unsafe traditional water sources like poorly constructed wells, ponds, springs, to mention but a few.

Water sources in the area comprise; boreholes (75.4%), shallow wells (18.5%), protected Springs (1.1%), unprotected wells (1.5%), and rainwater harvesting tanks (3.0%). In most of these sources, animals share water with the people and wouldn’t be safe to drink.

We had a borehole serving more than 200 households. But due to unknown circumstances, the borehole stopped functioning for more than two years, and the community was in a crisis where they had to struggle to access clean and safe drinking water.

Our plight prompted one of our partner friends Lyndsay Schumacher to mobilize and contact friends to rescue the situation. It was all joy when Ms. Lyndsay’s friend, Mr. Dan Wagner from the USA, donated to us a new clean water system that amounted to USD 6000. The water system consists of an electric water pump placed at the borehole and a 2000L water tank with taps.

The new water system has enabled the Nakavule community to access clean water. The church, school, and the surrounding areas now practice proper hygiene and sanitation because they now have access to safe and clean water.

Our hearts are always grateful to our partner friends who reach out for a more significant cause. In the same Spirit, our gratitude is always extended ahead of us to all partner friends who would love to support our many other projects to further our mission.

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Clean Water Project

Access to safe and clean water is a challenge for schools in Uganda. Especially in the rural areas, children walk long ...
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  5. Nourishing food

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