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Advocacy Programs: Championing Rights and Shaping Futures

In a world where inequality and injustice still exist, advocacy programs are a powerful force for change. Our initiatives are dedicated to upholding the rights of society’s most vulnerable children, girls, boys, women, and the environment. 

Through education, awareness, and action, we strive to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to live with dignity and respect.

Children’s Rights: Protecting Our Future 

Children are the future, and protecting their rights is paramount. Our advocacy efforts focus on ensuring that every child has access to education, healthcare, and protection from abuse and exploitation. We work tirelessly to amplify their voices and ensure that their best interests are always a priority in policy and decision-making processes.


Girl Child: Empowering the Next Generation of Women 

The girl child faces unique challenges, and our programs aim to break down the barriers that hinder their progress. 

We advocate for equal access to education, healthcare, and opportunities for girls, promoting their rights and empowering them to become strong, educated women who can lead and inspire.


Boy Child: Fostering Positive Masculinity 

Boys also need support to grow into men who respect and champion equality. Our advocacy for the boy child focuses on education about gender equality, mental health, and positive masculinity. We encourage boys to be allies in the fight for women’s rights and to reject harmful stereotypes.


Women’s Rights: The Foundation of Equality 

Women’s rights are human rights. Our advocacy programs work to protect and promote women’s rights in all spheres of life. From fighting gender-based violence to advocating for economic empowerment and political participation, we are committed to creating a world where women have equal rights and opportunities.


Environment: Safeguarding Our Planet 

The environment is our shared home, and its protection is crucial for the survival of all species. Our advocacy extends to environmental rights, promoting sustainable practices, and fighting against the degradation of our natural world. 

We empower communities to take action and hold corporations and governments accountable for their impact on the environment.


Join the Cause: Your Voice Matters 

Advocacy is not a solitary pursuit; it requires the collective effort of individuals who share a vision for a better world. 

We invite you to join us in this noble cause. Whether through volunteering, educating others, or lending your voice to campaigns, your involvement can drive significant change.

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When you sponsor a child, you will be personally connected with a boy or a girl who will know your…

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When you sponsor a child, you will be personally connected with a boy or a girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care. Your monthly support USD.39 will provide life changing opportunities like:

  1. Mentoring and a safe Christian family through a local Christian church
  2. Most importantly, the opportunity to hear God’s word to grow in Grace
  3. Opportunity to attend and stay in school
  4. Medical care
  5. Nourishing food

Bring up a child sponsorship program allow God to work through your donation gifts to empower a child fight poverty. Sponsor a child today.