BCMU seeks to provide comprehensive and integrated community health services in three sub Counties of; Kapyanga, Nankoma Muterere of Bugiri District by the end of September 2024.

The project will utilise strategies that contribute to the District health Strategic Plan 2017/18- 2018/23 and the National Health Sector Development Plan 2015/16 – 2019/20. The project is intended to improve the quality of life of  the most vulnerable poor  among which includes the; orphaned and vulnerable children, their households, service providers, the elderly and youths in the proposed communities of  the three sub counties of;  Kapyanga, Nankoma  and Muterere of Bugiri District in Uganda.

Currently BCMU is conducting community based health outreaches with a mobile clinic, however, this project intends to supplement the mobile clinic with a fully equipped medical facility to bring services closer to the most vulnerable poor who cannot afford moving longer distances to seek for basic health and medical services

The report further reveals that the percentage of households walking 5KM and more to the nearest healthy facility includes:

30.7% of the Kapyanga sub county population, Muterere 12.5% of the population and Nankoma 28.5% of the population. This indicates therefore, that the longer distances between the Health facilities and households make it difficult for the most vulnerable including children, women, youths, disabled and the elderly to gain access to better health facilities and services.

However, according to the District Health Strategic Plan and the National Health Sector Development Plan, 2015/2016-2019/2020 it is clearly indicated there is need for an integrated health system that focuses on; Health governance and partnerships, Service delivery systems, Health information, health financing, health products and technologies, health workforce and health infrastructure for developing a sustainable community health strategy. And this is what BCMU is fighting towards achieving for the best community healthy lives in Bugiri district and Uganda as a whole in relation to the orphaned rates, illiteracy rates, level of school dropouts, disability, lack of sanitary facilities like toilets, safe water among others, long distances travelled in search for services call for immediate intervention.

Over the past years players have been implementing interventions in Bugiri district. BCMU is implementing a four Core Programme Areas of intervention of; Education, social economic security, child protection and spiritual growth and development. BCMU has provided; scholastic materials, tuition fee, uniforms, beddings, first aid treatment, facilitated school feeding programmes, supported children in prayer ministry, bible study and Sunday school ministry, BCMU has encouraged care givers to form groups from which they make hand crafts, however, the group expanded to serve both the community and the caregivers as well. And it is during this implementation period that gaps have been identified in the community health sector calling for an immediate remedy that is both comprehensive and integrated to achieve wholistic sustainable community development. This is because of the high mortality rate and increasing levels of school drop outs as a result of HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases but just lack of access to information and health services.

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